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Here you will find authentic traditional handmade Karsanika needlework, as well as household items, curtains, fabrics and hotel equipment.


authentic karsanic handicrafts

the καρσάνικη stitch is over a century old, is found only in Lefkada and is unique in the world, admire here some of the most beautiful Karsan crafts

dinning room

Decorate your dining room with timeless creations of your choice by choosing from a rich collection of linen


in our store you can find quality linen from a variety of Greek and European companies, as well as imported

construction of room set

we undertake the creation of complete sets for your space with fabrics of your choice


dress the most beautiful moments of your life with the most exquisite creations

hotel / professional equipment

Find in our store a wide variety of quality clothing for the hotel or any other business space at affordable prices



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pay at your door upon receipt of products (only for Greece & Cyprus)

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stamp motif

karsaniko embroidery

admire some handmade traditional silk embroidered corsican handicrafts and learn their history


embroidery of all kinds and styles for every decoration idea


tablecloths and other velvet decoration items

Traditional Handmade Curtain


traditional handmade curtains in a variety of dimensions

stamp motif


Decorate and protect your dining room, make every dinner a unique experience

stamp motif


traditional textiles made on the loom with patterns full of Greece


refresh your living room while keeping it protected


designs from nature and tradition in silk fabrics

Traditional Rug with Geometric Pattern


Traditional rugs made on the loom


wedding decoration

dress the bridal bed and give a wedding air to the house

Karsaniko Embroidery Kit

We innovate by offering you all the materials you need to get started with Καρσάνικο Embroidery ready in an elegant package to save the complete workmanship, and free access to our video lessons.

Embroidery Kit Καρσάνικο "Heads" Design
Embroidery Kit Καρσάνικοhe Design "Rhombus with Tile"

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